Building Chatbots with Zero Experience: Lex vs Dialogflow vs Watson vs Rasa

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Which chatbot platform is easiest to configure? 

Find out which chatbot is easiest to configure for someone with zero coding experience.

Depending on your experience with machine learning, programming, and chatbots, your answer will vary. A Digital Marketing Specialist at Globalme took on this question as an experiment. We conducted this experiment to find out which of the most popular chatbot platforms on the market is easiest to configure for beginners.

Download this free whitepaper to see if Amazon Lex, Google Dialogflow, IBM Watson, and Rasa chatbot platforms can be configured for an e-commerce business by a person with minimal chatbot experience. Follow along with this experiment to find out which chatbot platform reigns supreme. All platforms are compared based on:

  • Documentation provided
  • Configuration experience
  • User testing and interface