Download real eye gaze datasets for your biometric-enabled device

Will your device recognize what the user is staring at? Test your tech with real eye gaze data

With emerging biometric-enabled technologies on the horizon, eye gaze data became a real need for developers, data scientists, and engineers. Eye gaze data is fundamental in understanding the way humans behave with technology and objects. The eyes are the doorway for biometric-enabled devices to understand our deepest intentions and behaviors.

This sample of eye gaze data was pulled from a larger collection collected by Globalme. The larger commercially available eye gaze dataset includes more than 347,820 images. These images depict 62 different people looking into 187 eye gaze directions through more than 3 different head poses. This gives a thorough eye gaze dataset for teams and corporations looking to build their biometric-enabled technology with the data to understand user behaviors.

globalme-eye-gaze-2 globalme-eye-gaze-1




This sample dataset contains 36 unique image files that were curated by Globalme to give you an idea of what kind of eye gaze data is included in the larger commercially available dataset. The dataset is free to use, manipulate, and test for your educational and research purposes only.

For the commercially available broader dataset with complete metadata, contact us here.

This sample is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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