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Building a conversational interface?

In need of natural speech data for your chatbot or speech-enabled device?

Globalme offers pre-packaged or custom-collected conversational data solutions to help power your conversational interfaces. Our pre-packaged phone conversation data sets include:

  1. Dutch phone conversations: 500 hours, 936 conversations
  2. Japanese phone conversations: 500 hours, 787 conversations
  3. Irish English phone conversations: 50 hours, 99 conversations

Need data in another language, accent, or dialect? No problem. We offer Conversational Data Collection in 35+ languages.

Data Set Information

This sample data set contains 5 minutes of audio files in each language. The files are in the .WAV audio format with corresponding .JSON transcription files.

This data was initially collected to train a conversational Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) system on phone call data. Participants held phone conversations with friends and family members through our custom SIP platform. Conversations range in length from 9 to 180 minutes, averaging 30 minutes each.

Transcription was done in timestamped segments by human transcribers without the assistance of ASR, and with a high emphasis placed on accuracy and quality.

This sample is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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